ONE COIN FOR LIFE was established on the belief that the electronic music industry is in a unique position to help others. The Foundation will harness the collective power of the electronic music industry and channel its unique assets to raise awareness and funds for causes that will have a positive impact on communities throughout our world.

ONE COIN FOR LIFE is being formed for purely charitable purposes. Its mission is to increase public awareness and consciousness and help build a positive and lasting future for disadvantaged communities across the globe.

We will strongly focus on education of children and young adults and will create the ability to support many issues surrounding this cause. The role of education in poverty eradication and environmental awareness is crucial. No country can succeed if it has not educated its people.

With the global success of DJs around the world, ONE COIN FOR LIFE is a platform in which this industry will connect and impact the lives and communities is disadvantaged areas. Through its growing popularity and presence around the world this industry has an unbelievable ability to bring awareness and become a vehicle to encourage people from all around the world to support programs that enrich lives, as well as raise large donations through its worldwide events.

There is currently no collective organization in the dance music industry for supporting charitable causes. Through ONE COIN FOR LIFE the electronic music industry will be given the tools, resources and guidance that educate them about current global issues and allow them to support what areas are most important to them.