The main focus for ONE COIN FOR LIFE is the education of children and young people but we have the flexibility in ONE COIN FOR LIFE to support the vast amount of issues that plague our world and that match the interests of those involved and donating.


• ONE COIN FOR LIFE is actively looking for small independently run charities to help where we can see a real difference and results with the funds we donate.
• Existing connections with The Kogi Tribe, Columbia.
• Recently connected with Vipingo Village Fund, a Montessori school in Kenya
• Looking to establish a connection with a Ibiza/Spanish charity


• Gather knowledge and experience to establish sustainable long term projects in most needed areas.


• Roll out the concept to more DJ’s, artists, promoters, clubs, ticket agencies
• Generate new fundraising ideas and income streams
• Need time to get in depth understanding of how and where we can help on a long term basis
• Devise awareness raising campaigns use social media and press